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Marketing made simple

Nowadays, you have different ways of marketing. This is marketing made simple, about having a holistic overview and be the pragmatic person when you think and do marketing. 

Let’s think about it for a second if you would do marketing what would be your first step into action? There are so many marketing channels available these days but let’s distinguish a few types of channels, we got digital marketing, affiliate marketing, e-mail marketing, offline marketing which can be divided in radio, television, print or out of home media, influencer marketing.

Digital marketing can be divided in SEO, SEA, Display marketing and online article marketing. So we have a lot of channels to choose from where we can and want to start with marketing.

Well lets make marketing simple first, and that obvious starts with goals you want to reach if you are a marketing specialist or entrepreneur yourselves this a choice you have to make.

Let’s say for the example you want traffic and conversion. SEA would be a great way to start with that for both testing if your web shop has set up in the right way. But this is just an example. 

Why does this make marketing simple? Well that’s actually what I wanted to tell you in this e-book. I am going to explain how you can start up performance marketing with key performance indicators in my first tip and in my second tip I will give advice how you can create buzz around your brand and increase your brand awareness.

I hope you enjoy reading this book and get some value for money and learn something new. Buy the whole e-book here: (Europe) – (America)

Start a successful business in less than 24 hours

This is a book about how you can start your small business today with only 5 dollars to spend today. This book will give you many direct applicable insights how to start a business in less than 24 hours. So start reading and achieve your dream to become the entrepreneur you always wanted to be! 

There will be basic tips to several expert tips all through this short-book. So keep on reading.

So you want to be a successful business owner online? Or maybe you are looking for some passive income next to your daily job. Or you just want to be financially independent as most millennials want to be nowadays. 
Well then you have found the right book, because I am going to show you how to start up your business starting today!

Let’s start with this: this is not a book about investing or the stock market, this is a book about online entrepreneurship and how you can start your business today. I will give you hands-on advice which you can use directly in your business case. Buy the book here: (Europe) (America)

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